Stella Barey Onlyfans Account Review

I’m a HUGE fan of Stella Barey. She’s perhaps one of my most favorite OnlyFans girls of all time and that’s no lie. This girl has literally broken the Internet over the last couple of years and I need to show you everything I know about her from doing research. Consider this my official review of Stella Barey. 

Stella Barey OnlyFans Review

Stella Barey OnlyFans Model Review & Earnings Detail

Have you heard of Stella Barey? No? Yes? Well, in any case, here we’ll talk about who Stella Barey is, what she does, and how much she earns doing what she loves. Let’s jump right in.

Stella Barey is a beautiful, fresh-faced 23-year-old girl who found the Covid-19 lockdown a pretty boring deal and decided to make some changes and bring fun to her life. The med student started posting videos on TikTok to break the boredom and soon got brave enough to quit medical school and went into creating adult content full-time.

How It Started (Med School)

In the beginning, she started posting sexualized content on TikTok and gained a lot of traction. As she matured young (she says she lost her virginity at 13), she found porn to be an active calling and decided to quit everything else and devote herself to making porn content full-time.

Her mother is a surgeon, and her father is also a doctor; while she was at college, her father gave her an unlimited Amex platinum credit card as a bribe for her not to tell her mother about his mistress. She says she spent about $200,000 in six months and realized that there was no love lost between her and her parents.

Stella Barey selfie in bed

First-Time Anal Sex

Her first TikTok video speaks about her losing her anal virginity, and she went on to make a lot more backdoor action. She soon realized that she needed something more and turned to OnlyFans.

There, she posts images and videos of her doing everything and anything sexy or dirty on camera. She is especially fond of anal action, and many of her videos focus on her having anal sex with someone.

Stella Makes Bank On OnlyFans

In her first month on OnlyFans, it was reported that Stella earned about $8K, then $20K, and she is now at about $250,000K a month. She’s put a very reasonable price on her account subscription at only $9 a month as an excellent way of attracting fans. 

She put a challenge on Twitter, saying that when her Twitter account hits over 500,000 followers, she will travel to all 50 states and fuck a lucky fan in each state. She is currently at 305K followers, so we’ll keep you posted when she hits the 500K mark.

Conclusion: Stella Barey Is Incredible On

The bottom line is clear as day. Stella Barey is so fucking hot and amazing. She’s not shy about her business and openly talks about anal sex and sex in general. 

She is also becoming popular on Pornhub, and we expect a lot of great, sexy content from Stella. You’d be an absolute fool to not try and connect with her on OnlyFans. Seriously, that would be the biggest mistake you make. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her OF channel.

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