Black Friday Porn Deals – 2022

Black Friday is here and so are the porn deals you’ve been waiting for all year long! At one time or another, we have all been caught up with the Black Friday sales. This is an American tradition where crazy shoppers purchase deals on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Things are sold at heavily discounted prices, even porn subscriptions. Plenty of products and services that usually come at high prices can be purchased for incredible discounts, sometimes even up to 90%.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When looking to buy a porn membership, don’t rush to pay the initial price asked on the website. Instead, search for deals and discounts to get a much lower price or even get free access to your preferred porn site. We always work in your favor to save money for you, but still, get you full access to the best porn content online.

Black Friday porn deals

Additionally, the first Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday, when online and digital services are offered at a discounted price. The discounts apply to all, and we mean all online services including porn. That is why we have prepared amazing porn discounts for you, our readers. 

Read on to learn about the porn deals which you can score here during this Black Friday and learn a thing or two about this unofficial national celebration of shopping.

If you’re ready to find out what deals are the best, here they are:

TeamSkeet / Brazzers / Reality Kings / MYLF / Mofos

See why below…

How Black Friday Came To Exist (History Lesson)

Thanksgiving is a US holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is considered the first day of the Christmas holiday season. Many people usually start putting up Christmas decorations at this time. The official history is debatable as different sources have different versions of the origin of the name of the Friday after Thanksgiving and why it is considered “Black.” 

Some believe that this day is linked to the sales of the slaves back in the day which took place on Fridays. Others believe that it is named after a famous stock market crash that happened on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the 1860s. But none of these as true and the term Black Friday has a much simpler explanation.

It started with a trend in the 1950s when people would call in sick from work in order to get a four-day Thanksgiving weekend. After spending Thanksgiving with family and friends, people would usually indulge in outings and shopping. Stores that were open during this day noted the unusually high number of visitors, and police were engaged to deal with the high volume of traffic.

The actual term Black Friday and Black Saturday were coined by the police departments of some states describing the start of the Christmas shopping season, meaning a lot of traffic congestion. The terms caught on and by the 1970s, half the country was using this term to describe the busiest shopping day of the year. 

This term is also linked with another interesting fact. While most retailers ended up the year with minimal profits, it was during this day many of them became strongly “in the black”, earning high profits. This trend was more appealing to retailers and by the end of the 1980s, many of them started offering special deals, sales, and discounts to attract the increased number of shoppers.

This has evolved and many retailers have changed regular working hours to accommodate more people. Shops opened up at midnight or worked up to 2 AM, and still, people bustled and sometimes fought to get the things they wanted. 

But in the online world, working hours mean very little, and there are now deals that last a long time and bring amazing discounts. Here and, we love our holidays and as a part of the celebrations, we offer you some amazing Black Friday deals on some of the best porn websites on the net. 

We have still a couple of days to go before Thanksgiving, but due to the current situation, we are offering you an early start of your Christmas shopping by offering early Black Friday deals for you. We’ve negotiated amazing discounts and you can buy a membership to one of the porn websites outlined here and enjoy quality porn by paying a significantly lowered price.

What About Cyber Monday?

The online retailers traditionally offered discounts on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, giving a name to the term Cyber Monday. Again, due to the current situation, we have changed the rules and we are not going to wait for the Thanksgiving weekend to slash the prices. 

Instead, take a closer look at all the discounts provided here and just take your pick – you will be amazed at the varied offer and quality content displayed. A lot of quality porn, some with up to 70% discount on its regular price is a deal you won’t want to miss out on.

The Black Friday Porn Deals and Cyber Monday Deals

So, if you’re looking for the best porn deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then you’ll find them below. Let me be perfectly clear, these are the absolute BEST deals that you’ll find this holiday season. In fact, an early black Friday porn ad will lead to more savings than anything. If you’re looking to join the hottest porn networks, then these options are the best choices that I’d personally recommend taking advantage of today.

Black Friday Porn Teamskeet

TeamSkeet Network

TeamSkeet’s porn deal offers some of the hottest premium porn at an unbelievable price. You’ll get massive savings if you join during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This company typically goes H.A.M. when it comes to holiday discount offers. So get your fix while it’s available. Black Friday Deal

Brazzers Network

Known for being one of the best and when Cyber Monday and Black Friday come around, they never disappoint. Get full access to the largest and most widely known porn network on the planet. What are you waiting for? Join today at a discount or give the Brazzers $1.00 trial a shot.

Realitykings porn deal

Reality Kings

Reality Kings aka RK is the kingpin of the reality porn world and you know you get a great deal when buying this here. I’ve suggested taking advantage of this Realitykings “free” discount many times. Now’s the time to really try and save big here.

Milf sitting by the pool on

MYLF Network is a network housing the hottest MILF content published today. Find out why so many people love MILF Body, MOM Drips and so many other series that these guys pump out. They’re for real players in the milf porn game and this holiday discount is worth the cost. Network Deal

Mofos Network

The network is a great holiday deal that you’ll want to take advantage of. You’ll get I Know That Girl, Don’t Break Me, Pervs On Patrol and so much more.

Conclusion: Take Advantage Of A Deal This Black Friday

The bottom line is that these offers are probably as good as they’re going to get. If you’re not trying to take full advantage of porn discounts this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then you’re doing a disservice to your wallet. Try something at least once!