Pornstar Sexdolls: Life Size Adult Model Look Alikes!

What would most of us give to get to spend one night of uninterrupted sex with our favorite movie or porn star? Well, since for most of us, it is practically impossible to get up-close contact with your favorite porn star, we have to rely on watching and fantasizing about it. 

But did you know that you can actually get up close and very personal with your favorite porn star? Well, not the actual porn star, but a very close rendering of the real deal – and it is life-sized. Yep, we are talking about the replica sex dolls, and you can pick the one made to look like your favorite porn star.

Pornstar Sex Dolls

What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll is just as the name suggests – a doll one can have sex with. There are both sex dolls for males and females, but here we’ll talk more about the male versions – the dolls with boobies, perky butts, and pretty vaginas.

These are life-sized dolls, often made to look like famous actresses, celebrities, or porn stars. The porn star sex dolls are molded directly from the actual porn stars’ bodies and are very realistic. We are talking about the quality-made sex dolls and not the cheap ballon-like versions.

These are not cheap but can put a real dent in your budget. Still, you’ll be getting a proper life-sized doll you can have sex with and play other sex games.

How Are Sex Dolls Made?

Sex dolls are made by creating a design and drawing similar to the actual porn star. The doll needs to be “padded” in the right places, and every little detail should be perfect. Each doll takes many man-hours to design, manufacture, and finish.

After the initial design is made, the “skin” of the doll is made from skin-like material, usually TPE or silicone, to make the doll look and feel realistic.

Several companies worldwide create quality sex dolls, but by far, the most famous one is ZLoveDoll from China. This company specializes in crafting quality sex dolls that you would not believe the dolls’ quality, look, and feel.

The company employs sculptors, engineers, and artists to deliver a truly premium product that people would enjoy for years. They’ve made many sex dolls; most of them look like your favorite starlet, celebrity, actress, or porn star. Plus, you can freely order one via their website, and it will be delivered to your door, just like any other product you order online.

Are There Different Sex Dolls?

There are several sex dol varieties on the market now. These vary per the materials they are made from, their size and weight, and appearance.

You can choose the doll that fits your fancy, and choose the materials you like. Of course, if you are into hentai and anime, you can also get a sex doll shaped like your favorite hentai/anime character. Or a cosplay/comic book/video game/fantasy character that you’d like to fuck.

The market is versatile, and there are so many options you will have difficulty picking the one you like most. Still, you can see what porn stars have sex dolls made after them and narrow your selection.

What Porn Stars Have Sex Dolls?

We’ll not go into details about each porn stars’ sex doll, as this article will be overly long. Instead, we’ll list only the most notable porn stars who have had the honor to be immortalized in silicone and TPE for our enjoyment. Here are some of the stars with their own sex dolls, but if you browse the many online stores selling these and you’ll be amazed by the massive selection:

  • Madison Ivy
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Laura Angel
  • Valentina Nappi
  • Jessica Alba

To Wrap Up: Expensive Men’s Sex Dolls

Playing with dolls is not to be ridiculed, as we are talking about sex dolls – a dirty pleasure that is beyond anything you’ve experienced so far. Plus, it helps that there are so many sex dolls to choose from, most of them shaped like your favorite porn stars.

Of course, if you can’t afford a life-size sex doll, you can get only the “fun” parts molded from your favorite pornstar’s body like a Fleshlight pocket pussy toy. In any way, you’ll be a happy camper once you try these adult sex toys.

Check Out The Dolls Here

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