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What do you do when you need some inspiration to get your rocks off? If you are like us, you are probably going online and looking up porn online. However, if you don’t have a subscription to a premium porn site, you undoubtedly rely on using one of the many free porn tube sites. Well, today, we’ll talk at length about one of these, a site with a catchy name and good content named DaftSex.

Daftsex review

What Is DaftSex? My Official Review

DaftSex is a free porn tube site with plenty of content to keep you hard and entertained for days. The site has a clean design and a prominent logo that resembles the famous Warner Bros logo. The site’s theme is white on white, with black text and a clean design.

The main menu on top of the page and a search bar allows you to narrow your search better. Next to the search bar, there are the Browse, Hottest, Category, Pornstars, and Best Porn Sites menu items. 

The following menu is below the main menu. It has the most popular porn categories like Anal, Amateur, Teen, Mature, MILF, Ebony, Mom, Lesbian, POV, Asian, Shemale, TransAngels, Trans500, Gay, CzechHunters, and Interracial.

There are currently 32 categories on DaftSex, and while these are not as numerous or as varied as some other sites, they are enough to keep most visitors’ attention. The site does not have a developed tagging system, making its titles longer and less appealing than others. 

The main body of the site is a grid with thumbnails of the most popular and newly added videos. There are 40 thumbnails, then rows of four, and the images appeal, tempting you to click on them.

The bottom section of the page has another menu with items you might be interested in, like porn categories, famous porn stars, and more; the far bottom has another menu with items, categories, FAQs, Contact, Privacy Policy, and DMCA links. 

The page admins contribute the content on DaftSex, and some are added by the members, which means a mix of professional and amateur porn awaits you. There are very few ads on the site, which we like, and if you have AdBlock in place, we bet the ads will go away.

If you hover your mouse over a video thumbnail, you get a short preview of the content, the length, when it was uploaded, and how many views it has.

The best way to find a particular video on DaftSex is to use the search bar at the top and be specific with the keywords. You will find quite the variety, and there is also content that is not porn but has ended here for some reason.

Daft Sex Alternatives – More Sites Like DaftSex.com

If you like to browse free porn sites like DaftSex, here is a list of other alternatives you can use:

  • PornHub
  • xHamster
  • XVideos
  • HQPorner
  • XNXX
  • EPorner
  • PornGo
  • YouPorn
  • Beeg
  • SpankBang
  • PornTrex
  • XMoviesForYou

Unofficial Sites

There are LOTS of unofficial Daftsex sites that I’ve listed below. I felt it was necessary to list these out since so many people search for the brand on a daily basis. My advice would be to not use any of these

  • daftsex.tv
  • daftsex.com.es
  • daftsex.com.co
  • daftsex.ws
  • daftsex.porn
  • daftsexdownloader.com
  • daftsex.su
  • daftsex.org
  • daftsex.onl
  • daftsex.me

The Bottom Line

DaftSex is one in a sea of free porn sites that have excellent content for you. If you are not a regular porn watcher, you can freely take advantage of DaftSex or some of the other free porn tube sites we have listed here and get some spank bank material. But any self-respecting porn lover should have a premium porn site membership, and we suggest you try one of our discounts on premium porn sites.

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