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Xtreme Diaper is certainly a site for people with a specific fetish and they make no apologies for it. They know what you like and they give you as much of it as you could ever want. The site has been around since 2001 and the archive of photos and videos is massive. You’ll never run out of the older videos and brand new ones are being uploaded all of the time.

Xtreme Diaper Review


Xtreme Diaper Review & Discount

If you have a diaper fetish then this is the site that you’ve always wanted to find. They don’t just stop at the act of wearing a diaper in their videos. They take things as far as they possibly can and offer the kind of porn that you just can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

It’s all hardcore and they never hold anything back. That’s what makes it the destination for infantilization fetishists all over the world and everyone knows that they’re doing something right.

Variety Of Girls In Diapers

There are hundreds of different women on this site and they all have a thing for diapers. You can find any kind of look that you’re into and you’ll never run out of new models showing up. There are petite girls as well as BBWs to suit any desire that you might have.

You’ll be able to see teens, MILFs, and everything in between in diapers or putting them on men. There are Asians, Latinas, Ebony girls, and white girls to make all of your dreams come true and all it takes is a few diapers and cribs.

Lesbian Sex, Weird Toys & Diapers

There’s a whole lot of lesbian sex for you to enjoy here. That’s what most of the porn is about with one woman playing the older person and one playing the girl in diapers. Right after that is masturbation. You get to see girls touch themselves under their diapers and over them.

There’s also a lot of squirting and plenty of bizarre object insertion. Most of it revolves around things that you would find in a crib, like pacifiers or rattlers. Then you come into the straight sex with men in diapers and women taking care of all their needs with their bodies.

Speedy Site That Works Well

The site is fast to load but there isn’t much organization going on. You’ll have to spend most of your time browsing around to find the kind of porn that you want to watch. All of the videos are displayed according to their upload dates with the newest videos up first.

Each video also comes with a large photo set that you can download as a zip file. You can access the site on your mobile device and save any of the videos that you want. It’s a simple site with tons of porn to give you.

Best Pros

  • Massive archive stretching back to 2001
  • Photo sets included with every video
  • Links to buy clips individually rather than joining

Some Cons

  • Only one option for signing up

Conclusion: Let Your Xtreme Diaper Fetish Out To Play!

Xtreme Diaper is exactly the kind of site that you’ve always been looking for. The girls here are hot and they love to wear diapers and regress in age. You can’t find this fetish everywhere but this site is filled with it. The archive goes all way back to 2001 so you’re never going to be able to watch all of it. There are constant updates and always a reason to come back. Just do yourself a favor and get onto this site right now. You’ll need as much time as possible to get through all of the porn.


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