VRCosplayX Review: The Hottest VR Porn Parody Site

VR Cosplay X! Want to roleplay? Are you into it? Is that something that really gets you going, gets you hard and all throbbing down there? No matter if you are a gentleman or a lady, roleplay is for everyone! You can be a sexy nurse, a superhero, a macho sailor, a hot mermaid, a leather-loving mistress who likes whips and spanking paddles, and you can strike your fuck pals on the buttocks wearing pretty much anything… And what do you think about cosplay combined with VR? This is too fucking delicious not to talk about it today! Yes, here’s a site that is both a VR smut site and a cosplay site. Want to learn more? Keep reading, you pervy loser!

VRCosplayX Review

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My Complete Review of VR Cosplay X

VR might be a big thing in the porn world, but I don’t think it’s too big in the world. I don’t think people appreciate it as much it was expected. This was very promising and they had high hopes for it. But it looks like only porn sites actually manage to earn from it. In the world of porn, this shit is awesome! We like 180-degree videos where it really feels like you are fucking the babe.

VR porn is awesome because of many things, and one of these things is that POV moment we all like. We all like it when the babe seems so close we can almost touch her. It is more immersive than regular porn, and the VR POV experiences are simply better to many! That is why these POV sites are so popular. Of course, to enjoy this VR porn, you need adequate equipment. A standard VR headset, or if you want to really go wild, you can spend $400 on the Oculus Rift and have unforgettable experiences! VR porn is probably the best VR experience on the market.

Reality and Fantasy Becoming One

VR porn wants to blur the lines between reality and fantasy, and it is something they are doing right. They want and their prime goal is to make these two phenomena undistinguishable. And actually, cosplay does the same thing. It’s all about fantasy and reality becoming one thing, a blend where you can the best of both worlds. You can live out your favorite fiction by dressing up as whoever you like. This can be a character from a show, cartoon, book, video game… Anything is possible today because they really do make costumes for everything.

Cosplay porn does the same thing. So, they also want people to merge fantasy and reality, but the only difference here is that this also includes a lot of fucking. The whole point of cosplay porn is that people find these costumes sexy and tempting and start fucking. It was meant to be that sooner or later, cosplay porn and VR porn meet. This was inevitable. The industry simply knew that a certain demographic of people would spend all their free time fapping to hotties in costumes who get naked and do filthy things.

Badoink VR network is one of the most popular VR porn sites and it has been rewarded many times. This is because the site is breathtaking! And now you will know about another site VR Cosplay X, which is also a site that produces only high-quality porn. This pornographic content entirely focuses on cosplay. If you have the right equipment, you can screw your favorite cartoon bitch, who always made you hard when you were a teenage boy. And the chicks you will see here are insanely hot models who look even better than those characters you like.

xxx parody porn

Fantastic XXX Parodies

Almost every video here is a sex parody. Of course, every video here is a roleplay video, but these roleplay moments are actually funny here. They are amusing, and you can choose a big number of fictional worlds where you can inhabit. Of course, together with these worlds you also choose sluts you want to bang. Both the worlds and the sluts are super-sexy, and whatever you choose, it will be a great choice. They’ve got Star Wars parody porn too!

If you want to fuck hotties like Lola Rabbit, you should enter the world of Space Jam. But don’t feel crazy for actually wanting to have sex with an imaginary rabbit that is only a cartoon character… This is not sick! Do you want to know why? This character is actually played by a stunner like Gabi Gold! Yes, this is who you will actually fuck in a Toonsquad jersey. She has a scrunchy that looks like bunny ears, and an adorable tail right above her booty. And if you like something else, like Toy story, you can go to Woody’s POV and nail Jessie.

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Whatever lust you have, you will find those VR experiences here! Every single one of them is covered because these folks know what people like. If you are into Lara Croft, they have Alyssia Kent, who plays this wicked chick. Both babes are bombshells. But did you expect an ugly ass to play Lara? Not many chicks can do that job, you need to have a special sex appeal for this role. She does a fucking job that kicks ass here! You also have that chick from Mortal Combat, you know – Sonya? Ariel (Little Mermaid Bitch), Wonder Woman, Tinker fucking Bell, The Sailor Moon sluts… I think they remembered everyone important!

Prepare For Unforgettable Experiences!

All your experiences here will be nothing less than unforgettable because they have all these hotties who kick ass! Everything is top-notch, fucking perfection! You don’t even need a headset to take delight in these flicks, but with a VR headset, you will enjoy it even more. All the videos will load easily, without complications and buffering, and the video player is awesome. I can definitely say these bitches are serious at giving us quality shit. But you even see that from the very beginning, when you enter the landing page. You see they mean business because everything looks modern and easy on the eyes.

The site is exceptional, no one can deny it. But because it is so good, they try to give us so many things at once. This is actually a problem. When you enter the site, you will have a problem deciding what to click on first. There is just so much going on! Do you want to see this, do you want to see that? Megan Rain, or Liya Silver? Butt fucking or some phenomenal tits fucking? Alternative chicks, or maybe the buxomest chicks that play video game characters and anime bitches?

And whatever you choose, there will always be great POV scenes. But this is something you already know. What I do want to say is that becoming a member of a site like this is never wasted money. If you buy a good VR headset, together with a yearly membership, this will cost you around 500 bucks, but these are experiences worth spending on. They really do a fabulous job with the videos, and you can see right away that the production values are high. My complaint is that the bitches are sometimes too clothed. Those who are into this fully-clothed category will go crazy, but not most of us. We want tits and pussies!

Free Fucking Goggles!

But here’s something interesting! The company behind this site actually offers VR goggles for free, but there’s a catch – you need to become a member of the site. So, it’s not really free, but it’s also not expensive. I still haven’t tested these, so I can’t really talk about the quality of these goggles. However, my intuition tells me they can’t be bad, not if the whole site is splendid and I know the company is a serious player. After all, they wouldn’t let something so small as goggles ruin their whole reputation.

And before I give my judgment, I will just mention a few things about the design here. There’s nothing here I hate! It is a well-organized site, very simple to navigate. Neat, nice, modern – only words of praise for the folks! You can see their latest releases, videos that are especially recommended, the finest scenes, the models, all the channels… This is a perfect site to expand your horizons, especially if you like VR porn.

Pros of VRCosplayX

  • Only high-quality VR porn and mind-blowing experiences
  • A site is well-designed
  • So much content
  • Insanely hot models
  • No ads?

The Cons

  • Models should be more naked
  • There’s too much going on at once on the site
  • It’s def not free

The Final Rundown

So, I think you see where this is going… I fucking love VRCosplayX! I fucking like VR porn, and why not be a fan of cosplay? When they mix these two things, we get a cool site like that! Yes, I still have some complaints, and you will see that below. But I also have a lot of things I like here. I think you will like it too. It is money well-spend, even if you buy more expensive goggles.

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