NewBrazz: Find New Brazzers Upcoming Scenes (How To Guide)

If you’re looking for the latest Brazzers scenes (something I refer to as NewBrazz), then you’ll be happy to learn that I know exactly how to find and view them! But first, let me explain what they do at and how they typcially publish the content. They love giving comsumers a heads up on what’s coming next. This really gets members excited and they crave the updates. Knowing each of the upcoming scenes keeps members entertained and talking about the content updates. And yes, just like people hunt for the name of that porn ad, they hunt for the name of the upcoming scenes.

Why do I call them NewBrazz? Good question! I refer to these upcoming scenes as Newbrazz as a slang or quick way to reference the video updates that are set to go live. It’s just a personal preference, that’s all. It’s short for “New Brazzers Updates” that’s all – nothing more. Now for the meat and potatoes of this and what you really want to know to find these new scenes.

How To Find New Brazzers Upcoming Videos
View The Upcoming Scenes

How To Find NewBrazz aka Latest Brazzers Scenes

Okay, so you’ll be able to quickly enjoy these videos once you know how to find them. All you need to do is follow the instructions that I’ve provided below…

The first thing you need to do is head on over to If it’s you’re first time visiting, you may end up on the warning page. If so, just click enter and head on into the main site. Click the ENTER BRAZZERS link displayed below. You will end up on the homepage.

Enter Brazzers Warning Page

Next, you will be on the main page. This is the official Brazzers tour where consumers can view content in various ways. The first thing you’ll notice is a big image of one of the popular scenes that they’ve shot. You can ignore this because this area features scenes that have already launched.

Brazzers Popular Scenes

Right below that, you’ll see a section that displays the scenes that have gone viral for one reason or another. These are by far the most popular scenes today. But this is not what you’re looking for, so keep scrolling.

Brazzers Viral Videos Section

Now, you probably noticed that just below the Viral Videos section is the Latest Videos. This isn’t what you’re looking for either, so keep scrolling down. Eventually, you’ll end up seeing a section called Upcoming Videos. This is EXACTLY what you’re looking for! You’ll see a screenshot of the section below.

New Brazzers Upcoming Videos section on the tour

What you can do is scroll through the new Brazzers scenes in order to see the release date and the member ratings. Now, if you want access to all these videos, you’re going to have to become a member today.

You can get a discount to a 2-day Brazzers membership here. It’s a two-day experience that I know you’ll be extending because it’s just that damn good!

In this upcoming scenes section, you’ll get to view the videos before they are released and really get a feel for what’s to come in the near future.

Now, if you’re wondering, when the latest updates go viral or get crazy ratings, they make brand new porn ads out of them (you know, all those brazzers porn ads you see everywhere) and share them with everyone so we can all enjoy watching the hottest ZZ pornstars fuck on film.

Now, if you’re thinking, “What if I don’t like the new videos?” That’s not a big deal if you’re not completely in love with the new scenes.

They release videos every single day, so you’ll have access to all the latest updates along with everything else that exists in the Porn Portal.

Basically, you’ve got access to LOTS OF PORN! If you end up getting bored and you’re done with your membership, it’s simple enough to cancel. Don’t worry, I’ve got specific instructions for you here: How To Cancel A Brazzers Subscription

Note: Soon as the Reality Kings release a upcoming scenes section, I’ll be covering that as well. Until then, you’ll have to enjoy the newest scenes published in the New Porn Videos section.

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