Jerkdude Review: Who Is The Jerk Dude?

Dude, seriously dude! What the heck is the Jerkdude? Who is he and why is so damn special? These are the questions that you’re probably asking yourself. If you’re not sure who or what I’m talking about, I’m referring to Today I’m going to share my personal feelings on this site. What I like and don’t like etc. You know, all that fun stuff. Let’s get this party started…

jerkdude review


Everything You Must Know About The Jerkdude

Okay, so I need to cover every little thing I like about The first thing that I’ll say is that he’s got a solid logo. None of that boring bullshit you see everywhere else. In fact, his logo makes mine look like shit. But I am not a designer, so kudos to him for that!


Sweet Categories

Jerk Dude has done a good job covering a lot of ground in terms of porn categories. Which has he covered? Sure, I’ll share them with you. He’s covered a TON of ground here. The list below showcases all of them.

Free Live Cams
Top Dating Sites
Top Porn Games
Premium Porn Sites
Top Amateur Porn
Top Porn Sites
Jav Porn Sites
Cosplay Porn Sites
Hentai Porn Sites
Porn Download Sites
Celebrity Porn Sites
Lesbian Porn Sites
Anal Porn Sites
Latina Porn Sites
Casting Porn Sites
Free Porn Sites
Blowjob Porn Sites
Squirting Porn Sites
Fetish Porn Sites
Big Boobs Sites
4K Porn Sites
Sex Stories Sites
Foot Fetish Porn Sites
Gangbang Porn Sites
Realistic Porn Sites
Mobile Porn Games
Teen Porn Sites
Tattoo Porn Sites
POV Porn Sites
Bisexual Sites
Granny Porn Sites
Sex Chat
Old vs Young
Indian Porn Sites
StepFamily Porn Sites
Caught In The Act
Porn Discounts
Only Fans
Patreon Porn
and more!

The list is fucking massive! I actually got tired and stopped listing all the categories so you can expect much more than this.

Deep Coverage Of Porn Sites

You will find 500 of the best porn sites on the Internet listed here. In fact, he’s showcasing some of the best free porn sites I’ve ever come across. The cool thing about the coverage is that many of them are unexpected. What I mean by that is, he’s covered a lot of sites that many pass over. Too many sites only focus on the top 3 biggest studios.

Not the Jerkdude. He said – Fuck That!

Instead, you’ll find a lot of amazing gems listed here. It’s a porn directory for those looking for quality versus the typical listing by traffic or reach.

How To Use The Site

If you decide to use the Jerk Dude’s site, then you need to know how to do so. The first thing you’ll want to do is look for the category that you like the most. Let’s use stepfamily porn for this example.

You’ll want to click on the title and you’ll head over to the stepfamily porn section. You immediately get a complete list of what he believes are the hottest family porn sites on the web.

What Else Can You Do Here?

Other than finding great porn sites, there are a couple of things you can do. One thing you can do is favorite listings by clicking the hearts. You can easily visit the sites by clicking the link icon. Last but not least, you can click on the individual listings and see what the sites are all about.

Jerk Dude

The Verdict On Jerkdude

So…is this site worth using? Can you find cool porn videos to fap to here? The answer to that question is yes. I have to score the as being totally fap-worthy and a good resource for finding porn sites. If you’re still wondering who the Jerkdude is? I cannot reveal his name as it’s a secret, but the guy loves to jerk off and fuck. That is a fact that cannot be denied!


About George Vincent

With a knack for finding great deals, amazing porn gifs, and tons of porn knowledge, George shares everything he knows. He's tried hundreds of premium sites, cam sites, and has a ton of recommendations for those looking for the best porn on the Internet. Personal fun facts...when not publishing updates, he spends time reading, working out, and hiking trails with his recently adopted black labradoodle.

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