How To Cancel Watch My Girlfriend

It is very common to cancel porn sites after a certain period of time. Everyone does it, and it’s common when it comes to Watch My Girlfriend. If you’re looking to cancel and delete your WatchMyGF these are the exact steps that you’ll want to take. Whether you’ve joined,,, or, you can do it by following these instructions because they are all the same backend sites. Here’s how…

Steps To Cancel Your Watch My Girlfriend Porn Membership

First, be sure that you have the following details available before you attempt to cancel:

Phone Number
Email Address

Billing Info

Address / City / State / Province / Region
Zip Code / Postal Code

Valid reason for canceling
Last 4 digits of your credit card
CVV/CVC Number

You’ll need to following my instructions below…

Call 1-877-777-3758

Let support know that you’re calling to cancel your membership

Ask them to send proof that you’ve requested this cancellation

Provide all the necessary account details that they ask for.

Check your credit card statement to ensure that the charges are cancelled.

That’s it.

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