How To Cancel Digital Playground

Are you a member of DigitalPlayground? If so, this is an article that you need to read. I’ve covered what you need to do to cancel your Digital Playground subscription. Having a subscription to one of the large porn sites active today is a great way to pass some free time and get spank-bank material.

Still, it may come a time in a man’s life when he may need to cancel this subscription. This may be due to a change in taste, monetary issues, or even finding that special lady friend that frowns upon watching too much porn. It happens, people cancel all the time. People even cancel and they even cancel memberships. Everyone cancels at some point in time.

We are not here to judge but to share appropriate and valuable advice. For today’s topic, we provide you with an outline of how you can cancel your subscription to

Cancel and Delete Digital Playground Membership

To cancel your membership, first, you need to visit the customer support page; you can see the link at the bottom of the homepage. customer support is excellent and is run by professional customer support agents. The process to cancel your membership is simple and straightforward, and here is how you can do this with step-by-step instruction.

Once here, you need to click on the Billing Questions section located on the right side of the screen. Here you will be displayed with answers to the most common questions regarding billing, and on the bottom of the list is the cancel membership question.

By clicking on it, you will be shown the available methods to cancel your account. There are three canceling options:

  • Cancel by phone – this is the fastest method to cancel your account. There are toll-free phone numbers which you can call, and you will get to speak to an agent and ask them to cancel your membership.
  • Cancel via chat – you can log into the live chat feature offered by the Digital Playground customer support to speak with a representative and have them guide you through the cancelation process.
  • Cancel via an online form – this is the method to cancel your Digital Playground account by filling out an online cancellation form. Depending on the volume of work the agents have, it may take up to three business days to process your request.

For ease and convenience, we suggest you use the live chat option, as it is the fastest and simplest way to cancel your Digital Playground membership. To confirm whether your Digital Playground account has been cancelled, you need to receive a confirmation email on the email address you’ve used with your account. 

This email should arrive within three business days, so make sure you check out your spam folder. If you don’t get such an email, your account may not be terminated properly and you could be charged for another month for a service you no longer use. If there is some problem, then we suggest you contact the customer support agents and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

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