PornHub VR Review – Get Free Access To VR Porn In 2022

The technological advances made in recent years have opened plenty of possibilities in many fields, one of these being VR (Virtual Reality) technology with its immersive possibilities. You are guessing where we are going with this, right? Yep, we’ll talk about the use of VR in porn and tell you about one of the best online places that offer VR porn content – PornHub VR.

But before we jump in the gist of talking about PornHub VR and all the amazing things you will see here, we’ll talk a little about VR technology and how it is used in porn.

Pornhub Virtual Reality Porn

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VR Technology and Porn

Each time some interesting technological advancement comes to the general public, people find a way to use it in porn. It is obvious why right? Yes, well we are all very easily subjected to our basic urges, and sex is one of the baser ones. It makes complete sense to try watching VR porn.

Some of you may remember the time when HD video quality came about and the upgrade porn got with HD videos. Talk about watching pussies getting stuffed full of cock in amazing clarity. Well, the same goes for VR technology. Once it spread its popularity, people found it useful in watching porn and studios began recording VR porn content. 

The VR set is worn on the head, covering your eyes and ears and giving you the impression of an immersive environment. In other words, bringing you up-close and personal to the model in the VR video. So when you are watching a VR porn video, you get to see and hear the sex up close. While you are not actually having sex with the porn star in front of you, you are as close to her as possible.

Wondering where to watch VR porn content? Among the most obvious answers is PornHub, the largest free porn aggregator site online today. 

What Is PornHub VR?

We all have heard about PornHub. And don’t tell me that you have not, because I don’t believe you. While most of you know about the free content, and part of it is really free, there is a premium section with much better offerings, an ad-free experience, and of course, VR porn content.

The premium section comes with a subscription, but after reviewing it, I can testify that the monthly fee is totally worth it. If you have not tried it yet, then look at our review and promo deal to PornHub Premium and see for yourself what amazing content awaits you here. As noted, the VR category is included in the premium offer.

What Can You Expect On PornHub VR?

PornHub is a porn aggregator, meaning there is plenty of variety to be found here. What does this mean for their VR content? Yep, the same variety applies here too. When you take a single VR porn production and analyze its content, there is usually a niche style in which all the videos are shot. 

This makes the PornHub VR section completely worth the money, as they source videos from different productions, and you will find the best video you are in the mood for without having to browse for ages. Plus, by becoming a member of PornHub Premium, you can apply all the great filters, customize your user experience, watch ad-free videos, and rate and leave comments on any video you like.

Paying For PornHubVR Pays Off – In Orgasms

Since PornHub is generally free, you may feel cheated that you are required to pay for using the premium offering of this site. But let me tell you that after you experience the content offered on the premium section, you will not regret the quite affordable fee you are requested to pay for membership.

For the skeptics out there, PornHub offers a free seven-day trial use of the premium site which gives you access to all the content, withholding only the download option. This way, you can sample the amazing content for yourself and enjoy watching sexy porn stars getting fucked in all imaginable situations.

As we said, PornHub Premium, including the PornHub VR page comes for free for a 7-day trial. If you decide this is something you like, then the monthly subscription is $9.99/month, paid every month, and a yearly subscription is $7.99/month, paid once a year in a lump sum of $95.88. Now, if you’re only looking to try it for a year and cancel, then no problem! You’ll find instructions on how to cancel your PH account when you’re ready – all good.

The premium version of PornHub is all ultra-HD video and audio quality, so having that HD screen and fancy sound system will really pay off. Also, the ads-free experience is amazing, and you can binge-watch your favorite porn stars in all sorts of sexy scenarios.

What does this mean for VR porn lovers? VR porn heaven, of course. Besides the amazing quantity, as the site currently features over 10K VR porn videos, the quality is amazing. It is like all the great VR porn productions under one roof. Well, not like, but exactly this.

Here we need to mention that the same categories you find on the general PornHub offering are available for the VR porn section. Watch blowjobs, anal, BDSM, roleplay sex, rough sex, all in VR immersive surroundings.

Will You Quickly Become Bored Using PornHub VR?

I believe not. The beautiful black and yellow concept of the site is attractive and does not let you grow bored with it. The site gets constant updates, and several at a time. This means that you will never run out of fresh content to draw your attention.

PornHub Premium containing the VR video section which also gets regular updates. This section gets fed with content from some of the best productions online, literally flooding the members with sexiness and erotic images that will rock your world.

Premium PornHub Features

PornHub has a classic design with very intuitive navigation. You will easily get around the site with no issues at all. It does not matter if you are using the free or the premium version, the usability and aesthetics stay the same. 

The welcome mat, aka home page, displays suggested videos and videos currently being watched. But the paying members have more options here. As a paying member, you will get suggestions tailored to your preferences, so you always get to see the content you are in the mood for. 

The categories are simply amazing, and these apply to the VR porn section as well. The VR porn lovers get many features that make the PornHub VR website their preferred choice. This site has support for all major VR sets, and it has an extensive FAQ section that answers the most pertinent questions on this topic.

The videos on the PornHub VR page come from different productions, meaning plenty of variety to spice up your sex fantasies. On top of all of this, PornHub is known for its 24/7 customer support that is knowledgeable, reliable, and discreet.

Final Verdict: VR Section Of Is Good

The immersive VR technology found its way into porn, offering a new level of excitement and sexual satisfaction to many. Here we took a closer look at one of the best online places where you can watch VR porn, PornHub Premium.

Some of the amazing features this site offers come for free, but the best ones come at a price. The PornHub Premium fee is pretty affordable considering the amazing quality and quantity of classic and VR porn videos available here.

If you still have not tried watching a VR porn video, then run to the nearest tech store, get yourself a VR set, become a PornHub Premium member, and immerse yourself in a completely different sexual experience.

Join Today And Start Your VR Experience

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