Pornhub USA Searches Misspelled

You know, Pornhub is on my list of one of the safest sites to fap to on the Internet. But if I’ve learned anything in the short amount of time I’ve spent on Earth, it’s that so many people cannot spell. In fact, it’s kind of sad just how bad Americans are at spelling things properly.

While they might use spell check while pumping out emails during the workweek, they’re certainly not checking when searching for porn online. According to a study that Pornhub released, each state and the citizens who reside there have issues when it comes to spelling. These are the details.

It’s not only interesting just how horrible some states are at spelling, but their searches are just as concerning. These searches tell us what they’re into, what they are possibly subscribing to, and more. So, take no offense to this data as it’s simply that – data.

Pornhub Misspelled Search Words
Source: Pornhub

Misspelled Searches of Porn Terms In America

This list is shown in alphabetical order to make it easy to find your state. My advice would be to find your state, look up how to spell the word correctly if you’re unsure, start getting better results from correct searches, and then fap away!

Alabama – PORM
Alaska – Amatuer
Arizona – PORM
Arkansas – HENTIA
California – PORM
Colorado – HENTI
Connecticut – AMATUER
Delaware – ASAIN
Florida – WBONY
Georgia – PORM
Idaho – PORM
Illinois – HENTI
Indiana – HENTIA
Kansas – PORM
Kentucky – THRESOME
Louisiana – LEBSIAM
Maryland – HENTI
Massachusetts – PORM
Michigan – CARTON
Minnesota – STEP MON
Mississippi – ANATURE
Missouri – HENTIA
Nebraska – LESBIAM
Nevada – MIFL
New Hampshire – PORM
New Jersey – HENTI
New Mexico – THRESOME
New York – PORM
North Carolina –
North Dakota – PORM
Ohio – MIFL
Oklahoma – PORM
Oregon – PORM
Pennsylvania – HENTI
Rhode Island – PORM
South Carolina – WBONY
South Dakota – LESIAN
Tennessee – PORM
Utah – PORM
Vermont – HENTIA
Virginia – HENTIA
Washington – HENTI
West Virginia – CARTON
Wisconsin – HENTI
Wyoming – THRESOME

Now for those looking to learn how to properly spell these terms that are commonly mispelled words and annoying typos, here’s how…

Step Mom

Well, now that you know how to spell, do yourself a favor and get ahold of a real good porn deal instead of having to search Pornhub for free porn videos. Heck, you might be ready to completely ditch your Pornhub account entirely and if so, then here’s how to cancel your membership for good.

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