Truth or Dare Pics Review & Other Amateur Porn Sites

Someone had dared bitches to get naked on Truth and Dare Pics, so they did! And because of that, now we have a bunch of sexy nudes and awesome naked pics of gorgeous bimbos! This is probably the biggest nudes archive you will find on the web! In fact, you have so much content, it’s fucking impossible to check it all out. It actually bothers me a little… I know there are nudes I will never even see here, and I want to see ’em all!

We are humans, totally imperfect. We do crazy shit we regret all the fucking time, but when sluts get naked and let someone post their nudes, that stays on the web for eternity! There’s no way to run away from it, and if you start thinking this was a mistake later, poor you. Now people know how you look like in your birthday suit, and that’s fucking it! If you are too hot, your body will be remembered for long!

Truth or Dare pics

Truth or Dare Pics – nudes of bimbos to enjoy forever!

So, I don’t know how these sluts do it… Don’t they know the thing I just said? Once your pics of your exposed pussy are online, it’s pretty fucking done! Pervs will feast their lustful eyes, jerkers will use your content to paint their rooms white, lesbians will poke their cunts with toys and fingers staring at your tits and cunt lips… And yet, so many chicks still fucking do it! They get naked, take selfies, post their shit on Truth or Dare Pics… And now we have enough material for an endless fap session!

On Truth or Dare Pics, there’s no shit you won’t see! Sluts with piercings pinching their nipples, girls who act like slaves and wear collars, salacious dick suckers who choke themselves with large dildos… It’s a very diverse site with all sorts of kinks. All these sluts want is to grab your attention by doing all these slutty, kinky things and they will stop at nothing to get it.

The kinkier the slut is, the more views she will get, but this is what they are hoping for. I don’t think these bimbos have hobbies. Do they read books? Do they ride a horse? I don’t fucking think so! They take nude selfies and post them to attract followers, and that’s pretty fucking it! It’s a hell of a hobby!

But as long as we have shit to fap to, who even fucking cares?! All I know is that these skanks are hot and stupid enough to get naked and let someone take photos of them doing all sorts of filthy stuff. And a big downside of this site is that I will never fucking see all the photos here! That makes me so sad.

And what kind of sluttiness can you expect here?

A hot thing about these floozies is that they don’t fucking care about shit in life. They get naked and don’t care who will see it. Their neighbors, brothers’ friends, co-workers, people they see in the streets, relatives…

This level of sluttiness turns me on! Also, knowing they are so shameless and confident about their bodies. Not all chicks would post their nudes after someone had dared them to, but these girls are like this: This is my cup of care. Look, it’s empty! Fuck yeah!

So, they either pose naked in the comfort of their rooms, where they do everything, or they make out with other chicks at parties and flash tits and ass cheeks, then someone takes a shot of that and posts it on this site. There are also other scenarios.

For example, these teens and college girls get drunk and stoned, so they get naked in their dorm room or something, and someone comes, takes a shot of that, and posts it online. I mean, no matter what the scenario is, it always ends the same – bitches get posted online!

This site is legit. In fact, you will see that babes who are naked in these pics have something written on their body parts – Truth or Dare Pics. They do this, or they take a piece of paper and write it down here, so they pose naked with it. As you can see, there are many fans of the site, even the hotties that pose naked for it. Everyone can do it! You can do it! I could fucking do it if I were a hot chick. But I am just a hot pal, yet it’s not what they need. Perhaps they could add a section for gays. It’s always a plus to include more diversity on a porn site.

What about the layout?

You know I’m always frank and open about my preferences, kinks, and opinions. I’m not gonna lie to you, so let me be clear – the site looks terrible. I don’t know who designed it, I don’t know who made the navigation tools and all, I just know it fucking looks like a kid did it! Well, if kids could watch porn… Or maybe my grandma. Yeah, that’s better. So, a fucking granny who knows shit about computers and the Internet could have made this site!

So, this is a big fail. Since I always talk about both pros and cons, this is so going in the cons section! But you know, no matter how lame this whole presentation of the site looks like, I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see no ads. Now, that is not something that happens all the time on porn sites! I expected many pop-ups and sidebar banners, shit like that, but no. It’s a pretty clean site, even for a free pic site that is not that high-quality.

But forget about the layout. Want to know something really, really cool? The admins of the site are some bitches! Female bitches, I mean. They even posted their own bare titties with the site’s name on them, to support the nature of the site. How fucking amusing is that?! What porn site admin would do that? I don’t do it, and you know I’m a cool dude!

So, these chicks are even cooler than me! And they have some pretty nice bosoms, I may add. But in the sea of so many other naked sluts, it’s hard to focus on just a couple of pairs. What really makes me sad is that I don’t even know what pics to open first – all of them look too freaking delicious!

Does this site really have more to offer?

I mean, it’s cool to have tons of nudes. What motherfucker would not like it?! But let’s face it, even things we like get old after a while when we overconsume them. It’s just how it works. So, on one hand, you will feel bad that you can’t check out all the content. On the other hand, after a certain amount of time, you won’t even want to see more! The site is not really diverse and you don’t have many options.

It’s like classical music. To be honest, that shit all sounds the same to me! I don’t fucking distinguish Beethoven to Mozart, and who the fuck does?! That is also the case with these pics.. After a while, they get so boring and bland, you won’t even see different faces anymore, everything starts to look the same, like all classical pieces, which are boring and unexciting. Or maybe rap music, but the new, mainstream genre. I don’t know. You find your own simile.

And those fucking redirects are too annoying! I mean, being pissed about that shit never gets old for me! As long as I live, as long as I write porn reviews, I will fucking complain about that! If I am on this fucking site, I want to be on this fucking site! Do you get it, bitches?! I don’t want to be redirected, I have eyes for this site only! Well, that’s an overstatement. But still, you get my point. If only they did something about it… Well, the site would still be boring, but at least there wouldn’t be 5, but 4 cons in the cons section.


you have so much content, it’s fucking exciting!
the interface is quite easy to use
the name is eye-catching and cool
no ads


you don’t know what to do with so much content
the layout is lame
knowing you can’t see it all hurts your soul…
…but don’t worry, it gets boring fast!
fucking redirects

To Close Things Out…Let’s Review Again!

So, the site is full of naked ladies who are daredevils! They get naked when someone asks them to, and they upload their nudes here. It has hot, nude admins. The content is immense. You have no ads. It is an easy site to use, and even the name is cool. But it’s bland, with a lame layout and too many redirects for my taste. Can you live with that? If you like all the good things, check it out!


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