Hottest Teen Pornstars of 2022

Teen porn is among the most famous porn categories in porn today. Rightfully so, as this category is filled with videos starring plenty of hot young porn stars looking to make a splash in the industry. Every month, a myriad of new girls join the adult industry, all beautiful and eager. 

But their eagerness is not the deciding factor whether they’ll stay and have a chance of making a career for themselves in this business. It is actually the ones who have something extra – a sexual appetite and camera presence that makes them stand above the competition.

That is why we’ve created the following list outlining the hottest new porn stars currently starring in teen porn videos. These hot young ladies have an incredible level of sexiness and are all actively producing videos. Those were the deciding factors when we made our selection for the hottest teen stars now.

We did not put any numbers on our list, as we can’t select a single best one, as all of the teen porn stars have what it takes to succeed in porn. We hope you enjoy our list, and if you think of a name to add, please share it with us, and we’ll update the list periodically.

Hottest Teens Pornstars

Top Hottest Teen Porn Stars Now

As promised, here are the hottest teen pornstars starring in films today. You’ll find lots of them and nothing but the best of the best. Check out these hot girls and enjoy fapping to these teens fucking in porn.

Aften Opal

Aften is a cute little lady with a slutty attitude, meaning she loves to have sex as much as possible. She has a petite body, with small boobs, a tiny butt, and a slim waist. Also, one of her favorite things to do is to have as much rough sex as possible, and you can see her in action, getting all her holes stretched to the max. 

Jane Wilde

Jane is a horny teen slut who loves to be dominated by large muscular guys with big cocks. Her boobs are perky, and her ass is tight, but Jane is a wild little thing as she is pretty loud and nasty when it comes to sex. Plus, she is a fan of anal sex and all things hardcore, which can be fun to watch.

Aubree Valentine

Before going into porn, Aubree tried her luck in camming. She is very comfortable taking her clothes off and flirting with the camera, but she is equally comfortable sucking and riding big dicks. Aubree has made a name for herself and continuously works with the top names and top studios, to our satisfaction.

Vina Sky

Vina Sky is a little thing, but she is fantastic when it comes to fucking and sucking cock. Her body is tiny, her boobies are perky and stand proud, and her ass is nice and round. Vina loves to play the submissive role, and she plays this role in all her scenes, both with male and female co-stars.

Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie is a Russian beauty with smooth, creamy skin, a petite body, and a cute, innocent look. But this look soon transforms into a sex goddess, as Eva loves to fuck on camera. She is active in many porn categories, and you can see her suck and fuck a huge cock, or lick and finger a pussy.

Gia Derza

Gia Derza’s body is not like many other teen porn stars on our list: she has big boobs and a big ass. One of her trade tricks is to have it stretched by large cocks, as she seems to enjoy anal sex like nothing else. Gia is also active in lesbian scenes, as she also enjoys making erotic porn videos. 

Kylie Rocket

Kylie is very active in this business, and she posts new content regularly. Her body is petite, but her tits are perky and firm, and she rocks the innocent-turned-sex-fiend look with ease. If you are after some spank-bank material, we suggest you check out her work; whether it is sucking cocks or licking pussies, she is excellent at all of it.

Michelle Anderson

Barely out of her teens, Michelle looks cute and innocent at first, but she is a real slut when it comes to sex. There is nothing shy when she is faced with a big dick – she goes to work immediately and sucks it all. Michelle has an almost nymphomaniac sexual appetite, and we believe we’ll see a lot more from her.

Alina Ali

Alina Ali is an erotic dancer-turned porn star: she knows how to move her body to arouse men and inspire sexy thoughts. Her mocha skin looks terrific; her boobs are excellent, and her booty and legs are tight and toned, waiting for a man’s hands on them. Alina is not shy about her work and shows off her skills with pride.

Darcia Lee

Darcia Lee started doing porn just as she turned 18 – the epitome of a teen porn star. She is young and looks fantastic; her body is flexible with the right amount of curves, and she can be fucked in various impressive positions. She has a huge sexual appetite and loves to have public sex, among other things.

Naomi Swann

Naomi Swann is an incredible porn star; she got into porn in 2019, and in the past two years, made a splash in the industry. Her body is petite, and her boobs are on the smaller side, but her sexual appetite is enormous. Naomi loves to play the submissive girl, as she enjoys being dominated by muscular guys.

Taylee Wood

Taylee Wood is a very fresh face in porn, and she does not look like a porn star – she has a curvy body with huge boobs and a big, round ass. She has a few scenes, but she’s already done many types of porn like anal, double-anal, and threesomes. We hope she continues her outstanding work.

Danni Rivers

Danni Rivers is a cute, petite porn star who enjoys sex a lot. She is a petite one, with small, perky boobs, a small, tight ass, and nice legs. Danni loves to be dominated by huge cocks, and she enjoys every scene she does, which you can notice quickly – she is a lady who loves her job.

Alexia Anders

Fresh-faced Alexia Anders is cute as a button, but underneath the cuteness lies a sex goddess. Her boobs are nice and natural, and her ass is beautiful. Alexia has done many scenes in her short career, and she loves to deepthroat a massive dick before it gets shoved up her pussy. 

Savannah Sixx

Savannah got into porn to learn more about sex, and she found her calling. Her body is beautiful, and she has a healthy attitude towards sex. Savannah loves to suck dicks, ride them or enjoy some lesbian action. She is among the most sought-after teen porn stars at this time, and we hope she continues to push her sexual boundaries.

Indica Monroe

Indica Monroe is a teen porn star with large, natural boobs, thick things, and a big butt. You may think she is much older than she looks, but in fact, she is barely out of her teens. She is putting out new content regularly and has a fabulous camera presence, which we love. 

Clara Trinity

Clara Trinity is blessed with the cutest smile and a very petite body that looks incredible as she is used and abused by huge muscular guys. Clara has incredible sexual appetite and energy, and she pairs very well with tall guys with big dicks who can pick her up and spin her in various positions,

Aria Lee

Aria is a young girl who is just out of her teens but has been doing porn for more than two years. She is very skilled in all the sexual actions and has made some memorable performances. We hope she continues to produce quality content in the future, as her work is very lusty and orgasm-inspiring.

Tori Montana

Tori looks sexy and fabulous and is very confident about sex, even though she is just out of her teens. Her dark skin is smooth, and she has a cute smile, but her sexual abilities prove that she is not shy or innocent – on the contrary. Tori loves to fuck and is very experienced in arousing men – she worked as a stripper before entering the porn world.

Ellie Eilish

Ellie is a petite teen who looks innocent and bookish but is anything but shy. She’s said that she started doing porn to fulfill her fantasy of being fucked by older men, as she gets her fantasy come true daily. Ellie has an exhibitionist streak, and she loves to strip, suck a dick, or lick a pussy, but also loves to be fucked roughly.

Skylar Vox

A well-known name in porn, Skylar Vox has deserved her status as one of the best teen porn stars now. She always looks her best and is always drawing the audience’s attention with her sexual energy. Skylar has a fantastic body with huge natural boobs and a great ass, and she looks beautiful when she rides a cock. I should also mention that Skylar Vox is super famous for her Brazzers ads.

Lily Larimar

This petite teen porn star has an adorable smile and a petite body. Her boobs are small but perky, and she has a tiny, cute tushy. She worked as a webcam model but decided to give porn a try and we can freely say she found what she does great. Lily is skilled in making men and women cum, and we suppose you’ll be halfway there just from watching her scenes.

Angel Youngs

Angel Youngs is one of the youngest girls in porn; she turned 18 just a few months ago. She is a fresh-faced girl blessed with big, all-natural boobs and curves in all the right places. She says she loves morning sex, and just like other teenagers, she is always horny and enjoys a massive dick in her pussy.

Autumn Falls

Autumn does not look like a regular teen porn star, as she has massive natural boobs and perfect curves. Her open attitude towards sex and incredible sexual appetite have helped her rise in porn, much to our enjoyment. Her goal is to become one of the best names in porn and is well on that way.

Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter is phenomenal in all her scenes, as she loves to fuck. Her body is fantastic with big natural titties and a round ass. She loves to fuck guys as much as she loves to lick pussies; this makes Gabbie a versatile performer who knows how to draw attention to herself.

Blake Blossom

Blake Blossom looks fresh and innocent but is an expert in sucking dick. She has already worked with most big porn productions and has fucked a lot of the top male talent. She is actively recording new content and is attracting the attention of many, we included. We only hope that Blake will go on doing porn and inspiring lustful thoughts for years to come.

Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu is a petite Chinese girl who loves to do porn. Her cute face and toned body look beautiful; she even has pierced nipples on her perky boobs. The enormous appetite for sex makes Lulu a trendy teen porn star at this time, as she has already worked with the main porn productions and top male performers. (I love this Lulu Chu porn ad.)

Emily Willis

Emily Willis may look nerdy, but she is, in fact, a sex goddess under the cute, innocent exterior. Emily is insatiable when it comes to sex, and she strives to succeed in this industry, which has made her quite the performer. Emily has done anal, double penetration, interracial, creampie, and lesbian, to name some of her scenes. She is up for a great career in porn if she continues on this path.

Brooklyn Gray

Brooklyn Gray is born to do porn, as she has unbelievable sexual energy. She is adventurous and loves to experiment when it comes to sex – she loves a cock in her ass and loves to do creampie videos. As a self-proclaimed slut, she states that her idea of relaxation is to be fucked some more.

Melody Foxx

Melody Foxx has a gorgeous body with massive natural boobies that look amazing. Her bubbly but can twerk, even when she is riding a man. Melody loves sex, and in the short time that she’s been doing porn, she’s done a lot of exciting stuff – getting her sexual appetites satisfied by several dicks at a time.

Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz has an angelic look about her, and she loves to have sex so much that she decided to do porn to get her sexual cravings satisfied. Stacy has an incredible body; she is very tall and slim, with a cute ass and perfect all-natural boobies. We have great expectations from Stacy, as she loves to fuck and perform for the camera.

Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit is one of the best teen porn stars now. She is impressive in every way – her body is slim, toned, with curves in the right places. She has an innocent look, and with her wild, curly hair, she looks all cute. When the cameras start rolling, she turns into a slutty vixen who loves to suck a cock or ride a man to oblivion. We urge you to go and see some of Scarlit’s work, as she is incredible in inspiring lusty thoughts and happy endings.

The Bottom Line

Above is our selection of the hottest new porn stars who are regularly starring in teen porn videos. All these girls are in their teens or early twenties, and all look cute and innocent but are actually sex goddesses who deserve our attention. If we’ve missed the name of your favorite teen porn star, then please share them with us, and we’ll update the list to include as many hot teen porn stars as possible. 

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