Haze Her Review & Discount

I’ll kick this off by saying how much I love Haze Here. The site is wild AF! Haze Her is one of those adult sites that provide content on niche topics – this one shows the content of college girls who will do anything to get into a sorority. Hazing is abundant in the sorority houses around the country today and yes, this stuff goes down. The site was not updated for a while, but apparently, all is well now, and it gets regular updates.

Haze Her Review

What Can You Find on Haze Her (At A Discount Too)?

The premise of the content seen on Haze Her is that all the college sorority trials involve young, hot college girls that enter in all sorts of compromising scenarios. The site began as a place that featured amateur videos from college girls and soon grew into a place that features hazing rituals involving sorority girls.

The videos are between 30 and 50 minutes long and feature sorority girls undergoing pledge rituals. The pledged sisters run the show, and the candidates need to do as the sisters say. Most scenarios are humiliating and involve some sexy activity. When we say sexy, we mean group masturbating sessions, girls licking pussies, getting oiled up, and receiving a stiff dildo, or having the girls sit on dildos fixed on a bench.

There are many more humiliating rituals, as the name of the site suggests. The girls in the videos are young, hot, and innocent, and most are excellent actresses who sell the content nicely. The current video count is not high as some other sites, and a photo gallery accompanies every video. All the content is available for download.

Pros And Cons

Here are the main pros and cons we noted while doing the research on HazeHer.com:

Pros of Haze Her

  • Only young, hot models
  • All exclusive content
  • Simple design and intuitive navigation
  • Content shot in HD quality
  • All content available for download

Some Cons

  • No extra content or commenting options

The Bottom Line: HazeHer Discount Is Worth It

If you are in the mood for something different, you can check out HazeHer.com. This site has interesting content – HD videos from college sorority pledge rituals. Most of the videos are between half and one hour in length, featuring all young, hot, tight models. The content provided on HazeHer.com can spark up your imagination if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the sorority house doors.


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