Tiny Texie Bio & Pornstar Facts (Age, Weight, Height)

Tiny Texie is the world’s smallest adult film star and she’s down for taking big dick! Texie is 3’6″ and is absolutely perfect. If you’re interested in learning about her porn videos and why she’s considered to be a superstar fucking on cam, then keep reading. I’ve got all the facts to share with you here today. Not only is Tiny Texie a pornstar, but she’s also a super famous TikTok star as well. She does have a condition which is why she’s so small. It’s called Kenny-Caffey and hereditary skeletal disorder. This Texas mother is tiny, hot, and perhaps the world’s most exxxtra small TikToker and porn star.

Tiny Texie

Facts About Tiny Texie

Name:Tiny Texie
Also Known As:Texie
Hair Color:Black
Birthplace:Corpus Christi, Texas
Country of Origin:United States
Date of Birth:January 26, 1992
Boob Size:B
Breast (Real or Fake?):Real Boobs
Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Weight:77 lbs
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Other Links:https://onlyfans.com/tinytexie
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