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Life Selector is a hardcore porn site that has a totally different approach to porn than what you’re used to. You’re not simply watching the porn happen in front of you here. What you’re doing is actively selecting the sex acts and scenarios that play out for you. Each porn video is cut up into different clips.

You get to choose which clips play and when. It basically allows you to decide how the porn stars have sex and how it all ends. It all works more like an adult game than a simple site and that’s a whole lot of fun. It’s something that you can’t really get anywhere else and it’s all done with real, live porn stars.

It’s all exclusive content and there are constant updates coming out. Each video may have a given length to it, but the possibilities are totally endless. One video has the power to offer you multiple porn movies and that’s a unique offering.

Life Selector Porn Discount

What You Get At Life Selector

  • Over 210 movies with more than 600 individual scenes to watch
  • No limit on the number of videos you can stream or download
  • Constant updates bringing you brand new adventures regularly

Why Purchase A Membership?

Life Selector has the power to change the whole way that you enjoy porn. You’re in control of everything that happens and that’s the way that it really should be. You’ll never have to feel the frustration of wanting to see your favorite stars having sex in one position over another.

That’s just a thing of the past when you’re the one calling the shots. You can watch the same movie over and over again and choose whole new directions for the fun to take. You never know which ending you’re going to get and that’s not something you can say about any other kind of porn on the internet.

It’s all exclusive to the site, so you know that you’re always getting your money’s worth. The porn stars are gorgeous and you can find some of the biggest name around. It’s something that you have to experience at least once to change your entire outlook on how porn has to work.


  • Tons of different outcomes for every individual movie on the site
  • Top tier porn stars play however you want them to
  • No limit on the number of videos that you can stream or download
  • High definition porn


  • So many different outcomes means lots of fake orgasms
  • Large file sizes for each downloaded movie
  • No update schedule
  • No real amateur porn stars Likes Life Selector

Life Selector is a premier hardcore porn site that lets you call the shots. It’s something that everyone should try out. Once you realize the power of choosing what porn stars do, you’ll never want to look back. This is a porn site that you just need to be a part of. It’s all exclusive so you can’t get it anywhere else on the internet. Try it out and you’ll never want to leave the site again.

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