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If you are interested in some unorthodox type of sexy fun, you can try using an adult toy. Today we’ll cover an exciting type of adult toy – the sex doll. This toy comes in various shapes and sizes, with various “implements.”

The sex dolls on the market today come with different body parts and can have vaginas, penises, and other parts. Also, most of these support adding or removing parts. The more advanced versions even have vibrating features. Today, you can purchase a sex doll that looks like a human, and you can select the main features like eye color, hair color, body size, gender, and a lot more. 

Types Of Sex Dolls

As we mentioned, there are different types of sex dolls available on the market today. Depending on your tastes and budget, you can select from a wide range of sex dolls. Here we outline the main types of sex dolls you can buy now:

Blow-Up Sex Dolls

These are the cheapest types of sex dolls and are made from vinyl, and you fill them with air. The least expensive type of blow-up sex doll is pretty simple, with holes where the sex parts need to be. They are usually given as gag gifts but are prone to breaking around the seams after several uses.

There is a more expensive type of blow-up sex doll made from latex or thick vinyl, with more durable silicone-polyurethane seams. Unlike the malformed cheap blow-up dolls, these have anatomically correct parts. The most expensive type of blow-up sex doll is made from silicone or a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a plastic material that reminds of the skin; these can be made to look like real people with anatomically correctly molded bodies.

Silicone Sex Dolls

The silicone sex dolls are by far the most expensive sex dolls on the market today. The advantage of these dolls is that they can bend and be positioned in every position. They are anatomically correct – they have all the correct body parts. You choose the gender of the doll, depending on your tastes, as well as all the extra features. 

Their skin feels very real, and you can also have added vibrating features and everything else you can imagine. Some manufacturers make such lifelike silicone sex dolls that even photographers use them as models. They are very popular in Japan, where they go under the term Dutch Wives.

Cloth And Stuffed Sex Dolls

Unlike vinyl or silicone sex dolls, the stuffed sex dolls are filled with a filler material. They are created to look like animated characters; they don’t look lifelike. This type of sex doll is for people who don’t like the look of realistic dolls but still want to play with adult toys. There is a slit where the vagina is; many people have said that it is pleasurable, and you don’t have to worry about plastic hurting your body.

The stuffed sex dolls even come with a plush finish, so they are also a tactile treat for many fans. You can select a lightweight sex doll without a skeleton. Or you can opt for one with a skeleton, and you can position it in various positions.

Pricing And Shipping

There is a large difference in the prices of the sex dolls. The least expensive ones are the vinyl blow-up dolls. These also some deflated, and you need to fill them with air. It makes it simple for this type of doll to be shipped very discreetly.

The silicone and stuffed sex dolls pose a more difficult shipping problem. Still, the manufacturers have solved this, and almost all respectable sex doll companies offer free discreet shipping. The prices vary a lot. The more lifelike a doll is, the more expensive it will be. The price depends on the materials and the type of doll you are purchasing. You can always ask for a quote before you commit to buying a sex doll, after all.

Where To Buy Sex Dolls?

Here we give you several options where you can buy a sex doll to your liking. We’ll cover many options so you can select the one that does it for you. Read on to find out where you can buy silicone sex dolls:

  • Sexy Real Sex Dolls

This company makes very lifelike sex dolls made of high-quality silicone. They offer a discreet purchase experience and offer a fantastic set of features you can choose from. The feel of the silicone is excellent, and you can play pretend as much as you want.

The dolls are flexible and have enhanced features for your pleasure. You would not believe that many married couples buy this type of doll so they can experiment in the bedroom without hurting their marriage. Still, the sex dolls by Sexy Real Sex Dolls come with hefty price tags.

  • OvDoll Silicone Doll Shop

The OvDoll Company makes and sells a great variety of sex dolls. The company offers both male and female sex dolls made from high-quality silicone. The dolls come in varying shapes and sizes, per your preferences. Their skin feels realistic, and you can select customizable features that fit your wishes.

The company lets you chose the size of boobs and ass for the female dolls and the length of the penis for the male dolls, but you can also ask for specific hair or eye color. The female dolls can also be made with working mouths for blowjobs, which is beyond sexy-crazy, but at the same time, fantastic.

  • Silicon Wives Luxury Sex Dolls

The name suggests something fantastic – a realistic-looking sex doll that looks like the real thing. The company lets you choose the features you like: lifelike boobs, ass size, eye and hair color, and more. There are various models of sex dolls offered, some without a skeleton, and some with.

The dolls with skeletons can be adjusted in various positions and are made from durable TPE and silicon. Professional sculptors make the luxury line of sex dolls by Silicone Wives with lifelike materials. The company offers free shipping and discreet billing for every client.

  • Sexy Sex Doll

This brand is among the best sex doll brands in the world, and rightfully so. They offer a vast collection of dolls for every taste. All the dolls are realistic and have anatomically correct vaginas. Each doll is developed according to client specifications – it means height, size of boobs and ass, pussy, and more.

The company has several best-selling models, and Sexy Love Doll Britney is the best-seller. This sex doll encompasses all the best features the company offers and is flexible to be moved in every position.

  • Real Doll

This company makes some of the most realistic silicone sex dolls on the market today. Every doll is built per client specifications – you can select every aspect of your doll. You can select the size of the boobs, the ass, the tightness of the pussy, nipple size, and more details.

These dolls are bendable in every position, and you can fulfill your wildest sex dreams with a toy like this. The dolls are so lifelike that users have said they forgot they are having sex with dolls. For the ladies, this company offers a line of vibrators under the name RealCock.

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